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    "Full-day tour to the highlights of Phuket City and its surroundings"

    To start with, the driver came 15 minutes late. He had his wife with him and they did their own tour whenever we left the bus with the guide. Neither the tour guide nor we were happy about this, since he repeatedly came late and let us (the paying costumers) wait.
    The tour itself was not as advertised at all.la What was advertised on Musement.com:

    -Discover the most famous beaches in the surroundings of Phuket
    -Explore the city´s highlights such as old Sino-Portuguese buildings
    -Enjoy Phuket’s sunset from a hilltop overlooking the famous Phromthep Cape
    -Experience this tour in a small group of maximum nine people

    what we received:

    – Karon view point
    – Wat chalong
    – Cashew nut factory and shop
    (4233 Chalong, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000)
    – Phuket old town
    – Monkey hill viewpoint
    – Pearl farm and shop

    We did neither see the famous beaches nor the cape promthep, instead we were pushed through shops in order to buy stuff like in a dodgy tuktuk drive.

    After 4 hours we were asked if we wanted to go back to the hotel…after we declined we were brought to a pearl farm/shop to extend the duration to 6 hours. After we complained that the tour is not at all what we paid for, the guide tried to make up for it by driving us to the beach a few kilometers away from our hotel – we declined.
    Having the nerve to sell this as a day trip for over $150 is outrageous and unacceptable.
    Musement has not respondet in any way to complaints.

    • variety of events
    • scam

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  • Loic GERONDE 7 айлар бұрын
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    A fuir absolument

    J'avais réservé une visite en français d'un site historique car ne parlant pas anglais et nous avons eu une visite en anglais avec des clients exclusivement anglophones..... Seule réponse sur place des audioguides que nous n'avons meme pas pu prendre... Au final, selon MUSEMENT nous sommes les responsables... Бұдан әрі оқып отыру
  • Дмитрий 3 жылдар бұрын
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    Musement онлайн қызметі туралы пікірлердің көпшілігі оң

    Musement онлайн қызметі туралы пікірлердің көпшілігі оң. Біз интернеттен компанияның жұмысына көптеген мақтау пікірлерін таптық. Оның клиенттері ыңғайлы сайтты, жылдам төлем процедурасын, тамаша қолдау қызметін, арзан экскурсия билеттерін және мұражайларға баруды атап өтеді. Теріс пікірлер өте аз, оларда... Бұдан әрі оқып отыру
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